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7 Tenets of Tang Soo Do

Integrity (Sung Shil)

  • Tang Soo Do students must strive to be good, honest and noble.


Concentration (Chung Shin Tong 11)

  • One of-the most important aspects of Tang Soo Do is to focus our minds. The brain can think of many things at once and change thoughts at great speed. The ability to focus on one thing from other fleeting thoughts is concentration.


Perseverance (In Neh)

  • Tang Soo Do students can achieve many things with persistent and repeated effort. This path is the only way to reach your final destination - ''Your Goal''


Respect and Obedience

  • (Chen Kyung) This implies a tolerant and sincere et-fort to understand and appreciate the customs and values of other people. A students ego or pride should be secondary to the order of-the instructor. Senior and the Dojang (Training Hal1) rules.


Self Control (Keck Ki)

  • Tang Soo Do students should not lose prudence, but should discover oneself first and learn to control that self.


Humility (Kyum Son)

  • Tang Soo Do training requires many bows (Kyung Yet).

Bowing trains the students in self-respect and humility. Be humble. continue to criticize and correct yourself. not others, then you will achieve your humility.


Indomitable Spirit (BuI Kul Chung Shin)

  • Life is full of trials. tribulations and chances of failure.

However, differences start from the point where you stand up and try again, or simply give up. Tang Soo Do training incorporates this indomitable and constant determination to succeed. ''A winner never quits and a quitter never winner.

Basic Rules

l. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to start.


2. Do not wear any type of  jewellery in class.


3. Bow to the Instructor when entering and leaving the Dojang (Training Hall).


4. Avoid taking part in loud or controversial activities. Students should remain

   silent, especially during the Start and End of class.    


5. Warm up prior to class.


6. Do not chew gum.


7. Wear a clean white Dobohk (Uniform) with no markings except the LBBA badge's 


8. Use water only to wash out your mouth during training.


9. All students should help in cleaning the Dojang, as a high level of cleanliness

   must be maintained.


10. Students should notify their Instructor in advance of any absence.


l l . Instructors and Black Belts should always be addressed in a respectful manner.


l 2. Maintain a positive, respectful, and well disciplined attitude at all times.


1 3. Observe the rules of  LBBA Tang Soo Do,  Train to the best of your ability.


The Five Codes Of Tang Soo Do

The five codes of Tang Soo Do apply to all members and are meant to guide the Tang Soo Do Practitioner. All Members are required to memorize them and fully understand the meaning of the codes,


1 . Loyalty to country

2. Obedience to parents

3. Honor friendship

4. No retreat in battle

5. In fighting, choose with sense and honor

Parent's Guide







London Black Belt Academy strives to provide young people with a positive influence of the martial arts that focus on developing values and personal character.


What children can learn practicing Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is designed to develop positive character in today's children by utilizing strict guidelines but in a fun atmosphere.



One of the basic requirements of martial arts is respect. We teach respect first, for themselves and their environment



While we use the theory of ancient martial art's disciplinary training, it is geared more towards teaching children self-control as their minds and bodies' mature.



Through our routine technical training, a child's physical and mental coordination will improve.



The discipline and rules of conduct in class help develop the Childs behaviour in a positive direction.



Children's confidence improves as they become aware of their own development in practicing martial arts.



Many children have become used to instant gratification common in our hi-tech world. Our classes' will help to bring out their "inner calm" and improve their endurance. As they experience achievement through their progression of the belt system, they will learn to pursue personal goal's



Developing power's of concentration through rigorous training student's learn the three keys of concentration, focused mind, focused eyes, focused bodies. This is one of the most important benefits that training offer's. These power's of concentration can be reflected also in a child's academic performance.



Children in our program learn that you must not only do the right thing, but you must do the right thing for the right reason. Personal responsibility mean's student choose the correct path and to accept the consequences of their action's.



Group training with other children teaches the skill of teamwork and a sense of sharing. Teamwork skills are valuable for use throughout the course of life.


Better Health

A formal training program helps to develop the student, providing improved mental and physical health. This better prepares the student as they develop into adulthood and the rest of their life....






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